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Architectural Photography Collection

Property and Real Estate Photography Norfolk UK

18 Photographs

Architecture and buildings, inside or outside, represent man-made designs and achievements, both for good or bad. Many are indicative of the era they were created and can be a fashion statement of the period. Some transcend time and have managed to somehow become timeless.  Sadly far too many visually age badly through basic poor design, cheap budgets or lack of thought and consideration. But they are a record of what man has made and make great photographic subjects.


Buildings and structures can either be sympathetically designed to fit into our natural environment or more geared towards a functional human need. Either way, our manufactured environments dominate our visual skyline, often evoking passions and points of view in everyone. I hope my images of our man-made environment say something to you, as they do to me.

​All photographs are available on prints, frames, canvas, mugs, and other products directly from my website. Zoom in and crop images facilities are available on some products.

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