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Box Character Collection (Customisable)

Composite Designs Photography by Simon Bratt

My original box characters are where I get to be really creative and they are always a joy to work on. I find the process both relaxing and immense fun. It’s wonderful to allow my imagination to run wild. I have created these box characters both for my clients and just for fun.  I love taking everyday objects, and with a mixture of photography and some digital magic, turning them into a piece of art with a story. Pure fantasy with a hint of realism, is what i enjoy with composite photography.

Any box character can be  customised with your own personal message.
Perfect as a unique present for someone 'special' in your life (as the saying goes!, yawn)
Be sarcastic, loving or just plain insulting!

All images here are watermarked, created and owned by Simon Bratt and are reduced in resolution for website display. Original images are high resolution, in part captured with professional DSLR equipment and moulded with complicated electronic magic dust. Selected various sized prints, frames and canvasses are available directly from my website.


Box character graphic design artwork in photoshop
icon artwork graphic design
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