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The Autumn Landscape Photography Collection

Landscape Photography Simon Bratt Norfolk UK

18 Photographs

Autumn is one of the best seasons in the UK for landscape photography. The sun isn't as strong as summer, the light is warmer and lower for longer. Sunrise is that little bit later (for those not keen on super early mornings). Best of all nature has its last explosion of colour for us to see before going to sleep for the winter. It's the season with the shortest window of opportunity, colours fade quickly, weather is more variable and unpredictable,  but if you can time and plan your trips well, you will be rewarded with possibly some of the best photographs of the year. 


​All images are available for licence and on prints, frames, canvas, mugs, and other products directly from my website. Zoom or crop image facilities are available on some products.

All website photos are displayed at lower quality to speed up your browsing experience. Final prints are high resolution.