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Other Landscapes Photography Collection

UK Landscape Photographer Simon Bratt

22 Photographs

You have to be lucky if you just turn up somewhere, unplanned, and create a beautiful landscape. Ive tried that, and more often than not, you get very frustrated and disappointed with the results.  It will feel like a waste of time and you are less likely to bother again. Ive found the best way to try and get a lovely image, is to spend quite a lot of time researching locations, times of day, view points, weather etc. These photographs were mostly created in and around Norfolk in the last few years as part of my photography portfolio. Most of them represent many trips to the same location to capture the best light, subject or conditions. 

Selected various sized prints, frames and canvasses are available directly below from my website.

All website images are displayed at low quality to speed up your experience. Final prints are high resolution.

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