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All about the timing...

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Living 2 hours away from Bristol meant an early start, did I already mention im not good at getting up early! But no sacrifice no reward. So up at 2am, left home at 3am, arrived at 5am in plenty of time, and as luck would have it I had some tea and toast with me, my pick me up. I picked my spot days before and fortunately found it even in the dawn light, setup and waited. Was starting to think, will the balloons take off, did I guess the wind direction correctly, I couldnt even see any hot air balloons! Checked my phone for any updated news on the festival, and it seemed like the conditions were fine for ballooning. At last the first one appeared exactly where I expected, and for the next hour they kept drifting past until all 100 balloons had taken off. It was all worth it. I forgot to mention, the bridge was very impressive too.

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