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Super moon is it as good as it sounds?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Supermoon: You may (or maybe not) have heard of the supermoon happening today (UK). Apparently the moon is the closest to Earth since 1948. WOW, will we survive!! Well yes because its not actually that much different then normal to the average eye. So even though the weather was looking very dodgy, I couldn't miss the opportunity for a possible spectacle. Being new to Norfolk I have had little chance to scout the area for a suitable locations. I have one place in mind, that's it, no backup plan. But nature waits for no camera. I was slightly in a hurry. I ended up forgetting a torch and forgot my cable release! Fortunately I'd eaten a lot of carrots lately and could see just enough in near darkness. At one point I thought I'd lost a lens when I was swapping them over. No cable release meant relying on camera self timers. It takes a bit longer to capture shots but its all I had, anyway I wasn't exactly shooting Usain Bolt. Only had time to process one image so far as I wanted to get this live on SUPER MOON day, hope you enjoy it.

Find the full size image for sale here:

The supermoon

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