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Putting Up A Photo Wall Mural (video clip)

Wall murals or photo wallpaper are a great way to bring life to a plain wall. It can be anything you like, from abstract to photo realistic scenes of nature, cities, seascapes, architecture, motor racing, anything that you find pleasing to look at on a wall.

The images ideally need to be taken with a camera that produces high quality images because as they are being enlarged to wall size, it is easier to see any pixelation or blurry images. Mobile phones would struggle to make an image that would look good blown up this big.

Here is one of my images going up, called 'Autumn's Conkers'. This is a vertical aspect ratio (called portrait) image , if you do want the whole wall covered, then a better size of image would be a typical landscape orientated image. This would give you a better resolution then trying to fit a vertical image into a horizontal space.

This' Autumn's Conkers' image is even higher resolution than one full size image from a pro camera, as it was made up from 6 large images, all taken separately and digitally stitched together, to make one even bigger image. The result is even when you look closely you can see the leaves in detail.

Original image can be found here...(with many others)

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