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Top 10 Favourite Bedrooms Shots

Updated: Mar 22

It's the end of the year, so how about showing some of my favourite bedrooms I've photographed. I dont know about you but I love buildings and looking round peoples houses, so much variety in styles, designs and tastes.

From a photography point of view, some can be tricky to capture, especially tighter spaces. Taking shots from different angles, even small changes makes a world of difference to how a space feels and what information you can portray to people looking at it. So, what to look out for:

1. First of all, really hope the owners have the space tidy. You can easily move a few things on the day that they dont think of (bins, wonky pillows, creased duvet) but there is no time to do a proper tidy up. This is the bare minimum you hope for, after all, the owner has left the room in the condition they want to show the world right?

2. Hope that the room is decorated beautifully, tastefully, or sympathetically. At least pray it's not heavily worn and obviously dated. But again, it's really a customer choice. Photographers aren't miracle workers. Whilst yes we can remove the odd carpet stain it's too late to do anything major at this point. If we are asked to do a lot of post production editing, firstly its going to add time to the job, secondly, its not a fair representation of what the room actually looks like.

3. Now have a quick look round for anything obvious to you eye that will stick out like a sore thumb. My pet hates are, wall pictures not straight, light bulbs not working, curtains not tidy and cushions not plumped. So now the fun can start, it's all as ready as it will ever be, time to play with the camera, lighting and angles. Unlike some estate agent photography, I want to show the size of the space for how it actually feels. So when someone turns up and see your room for real, they are not surprised at the size. Ive been to too many shoots where the old pictures made a room look dark and small, but in reality it's bigger and lighter, its a great surprise but the initial pictures are less likely to get people through the door to start with. So here are my ten favourite bedrooms, it's not all about big and impressive, but cuteness, style and feeling too. If you have a favourite, they should be numbered, please drop a comment below let's see whats most popular.

If you have got this far AND noticed there are actually 11 images, gold star for you. I keep it to 10 favourites

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