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The Summer Landscape Photography Collection

By Photographer Simon Bratt in Norfolk UK

21 Photographs

Ahh the season of summer, the season most people have been waiting for all year, personally it's my least favourite season. That doesn't mean I hate summer, it's just that the other seasons are so great. Admittedly I prefer the cold over the heat of a blistering hot summer. Summer sunrises are super early, so getting up and out at 3am is not what my body finds easy to do (once you are up and out though, it's amazing!). Summer sunlight is more harsh which is less flattering. The one thing this season does give you that no other does, is a full and lush foliage. It's at this time nature has maxed out showing you everything it's got.

The good thing with an early sunrise though, is most other people a sensibly still in bed. You are less likely to bump into anyone, and if you do, I bet you its another photographer! So if thats you, dont be shy about saying hello, sharing a passion is enhancing a passion.

Please open the images to see them in their full, as the previews are at a different ratio
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