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Wildlife & Animals Photography Collection

Nature Photography Simon Bratt

66 Photographs

I think many of us enjoy watching animals and noticing their behaviours. It is amazing to see the variety of colours they have, the different coats, feathers and furs, even the expressions on some of their faces. Unfortunately though, all too often, due to their nature, they don't tend to stay around too long to pose. They are either too busy with their daily routines, concentrating on hunting, or subconsciously trying to avoid potential predators. When you do eventually get to photograph them it really is on their own terms, and if you are lucky you might even get the shot you really wanted.

Even though this is the digital age now, it’s only when you check out your images you can really see the beauty, textures, colours and variety they all have. I hope you enjoy a selection of animal photographic images I have captured. Some of these photographs represent many hours of work over various days as wildlife are not always predictable  and obviously just do what they want. It is rare they pose exactly as I’d have hoped!


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