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About Me

Norfolk Photographer

"I am a professional freelance photographer in Norfolk, with over 13 years experience in a wide variety of subjects for large and small business and private clients"

Thats the dull tag line out the way, this is supposed to be a bit about me. 
I spend most of my life growing up and living in the beautiful county of Hampshire, where I was lucky enough to do the usual things of school, college and work I enjoyed. Finding a career isn't easy at a young age, but I know I enjoyed two main things, creativity and technology. I consider myself very fortunate that the bigger parts of my former work life were spend designing highways in the UK and overseas, and then changing careers into hands on I.T. management. 

I.T. was great, albeit lacking in creativity, thats when photography started to take up more of my time, back when digital photography was taking off. Yes I'd used the usual film cameras but sending off a roll of 36 to the chemist just didn't do it for me. 

"Digital photography combines creativity and technology and just hit the mark" 

So I was hooked and just spent more and more time learning, creating and selling my work. Eventually took the plunge to give up the 'day job' and concentrate on making photography work. Moved to Norfolk in England around 2016, just because a change is as good as a rest, and never looked back. Living on the edge of North Norfolk gives access to some stunning places, beautiful buildings, landscapes and some of the best beaches in the country. 

Although my core specialist photographic subjects are primarily property photography, products and events photography (in that order), being an artistic type of person I see shapes, composition, light and beauty in many different locations, be it outside in natural light or man made locations or indoor studio work, I couldn't possibly limit myself to photograph one topic, that would be like telling someone the only fruit you can eat for the rest of your life are apples. Apples are lovely but you would soon hate them if you had them every day. I think your core skills are enhanced by expanding your horizons

I may be a Norfolk photographer but I also serve surrounding areas in East Anglia, Suffolk, Cambridge and my images are actually sold all around the world every day. Thats the beauty of also harnessing the internet, I get to deal with all sorts of clients, businesses, private, corporate, small and large companies, one-off bespoke designs or customising existing images. My work is varied which gives me vast experience over many years. "

If you love photography and have a great understanding of how photography works, you can apply the skills and concepts of photography in a number of different situations. The variety of my work keeps me creatively alive and hungry every day for the next opportunity. I specialise in photography for real estate or architectural projects which include for bed and breakfast, hotel, holiday lets and estate agents, and product photography ranging from isolated studio work, to more complicated projects that involve digital editing and design. I also have experience in most types of photography including, events photography, marketing shoots, press photography, landscapes and wildlife photography.

Much of my work is commissioned by clients but I also market and sell my own images bought by clients around the world.


The portfolio link above show samples of my work previously used on projects locally and globally. Please contact me with any project ideas you have, large or small."


Awarded Licentiateship of the

'Royal Photographic Society'

Logo for Royal Photographic Society

DBS basic check available on request

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