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The Spring Landscape Photography Collection

By Norfolk Photographer Simon Bratt

27 Photographs

Where I live in the UK the season of spring is the start of natures burst of colour and growth after a cold, damp and probably a flat grey coloured winter. Nature goes from brown and dead looking to a multicoloured and leafy beauty, every year.


Spring is nature waking up ready to start the whole cycle again of growth, pollination, regeneration, becoming food for insects and animals, its a miracle really. It never gets boring discovering new places and revisiting old ones. 

I make no apology for an abundance of bluebells, fields, trees and flower photographs here. It's what I am drawn to, and it's what I find most stunning to look at. Nature created all of that, usually on its own (except when a farmer gave a helping hand). The challenge I enjoy is that I can see how amazing it looks when I'm there but can I capture that in an image. Its all too easy (and for me) to take a photo of something that looks breathtaking, only to find the image looked nothing like what you saw and experienced at the time. The trouble is an image is flat and two dimensional and when we were at the location, not only is it three dimensional but our memory is also recording sounds, smells and other senses like temperature, which dont translate well in a photograph. Even the light is different, our eyes are so much better at translating light than cameras are. Our eyes are still vastly superior to most cameras people use (even pro cameras). So Ive worked hard to develop my skills to try and get across the feeling of what I was experiencing at the time. 


​All images are available to licence and on prints, frames, canvas, mugs, and other products directly from my website. Zoom in and crop images facilities are available on some products.All website images are displayed at low quality to speed up your experience. Final prints are high resolution.

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