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Norfolk England Photographic Collection

By Norfolk Photographer Simon Bratt

27 Photographs

As I now live in Norfolk it makes sense that many of my newer images will be of Norfolk. Especially as Norfolk is a popular holiday destination with stunning coastline, historic architecture, and quaint towns and villages. Situated on the East Coast of England known as East Anglia, Norfolk is in a unique position of having a very long curved coast with a mixture of sand and stone beaches. Norfolk is quite a low lying county generally and does suffer from coastal erosion but it also has beautiful fenlands and wetlands with a wealth of bird species. 

Norfolks towns and cities have an abundance of historic features and architectural buildings as it was settled in pre-roman times dating back over 950,000 years age. Due to Norfolks geographical position, it was vulnerable to attacks, especially from the sea, many fortified structures were built, but it still led to a population decrease. This in tern led to germanic migrants settling, especially from the North Sea. They ended up splitting into two main groups, the North Folk and the South Folk, hence the current regional names of Norfolk and Suffolk. 


Due to the rich fertile sandy soils in Norfolk, farming is abundant and employs around 20% of the local population in food and farming jobs. Also tourism is an increasingly large part of the counties income. 
It is also home to some famous brands such as Lotus Cars, Colmans, Bernard Matthews, Aviva. As well as hosting, in its time, some of the most active RAF(Royal Air Force) stations in the country. 

Images displayed here are not full resolution, to help speed up your browsing experience, but ordered prints are High Resolution with Pro-Canon equipment  images

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