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The Winter Landscape Photography Collection

Winter Photography by Simon Bratt 

38 Photographs

Where I live in the UK we don't get too much snow so when we do we like to make the most of it. Snow turns many of us Brits into kids again, including me, I love it! Some of these landscape photographs were from the 'Beast From The East' snow blizzards in 2018. With the wind chill it was about -12 degrees. It was really cold but I had enough correct layers on to stay toasty warm outside. Most of these images are generally landscape and wildlife photographs. The bird photos took many hours over several days to capture exactly what I was after.

If you are after a challenge to make something look good, winter is the place to be. There are lots of different challenges above the usual camera composition, lighting, and subjects. For a start it's very cold, especially when you sit still for hours, the warmth soon seeps out of you. And it's probably wet of some sort, ice, rain, snow or just damp everywhere. If you are freezing cold, you dont want to be creative, your fingers dont work properly, your head just wants to go home. You've had to de-ice the car twice already, your camera gear needs consideration when quick changes of temperature happen like warm car to cold outdoors, else it will suffer. The harsh light of snow adds another variable. It's good fun, I recommend it. 


​All images are available to licence and on prints, frames, canvas, mugs, and other products directly from my website. Zoom in and crop images facilities are available on some products.

All website images are displayed at low quality to speed up your experience. Final prints are high resolution.

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