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Spring 2024 Tips and Ideas

Spring is really starting to take hold now and properties are looking even better this time of year. But I've also done great looking property shoots in November also with beautiful autumn leaves and a fresh feel. A variety of images keeps the viewers engaged and stops them getting bored of the same old type of image, will stop them flipping to the next one so quickly. Bit like this...

Autumn Property Photography
Autumn Property Photography Norfolk UK

But as its spring defiantly worth bagging some of those gorgeous shots with trees, plants and flowers coming out in gardens and landscapes. Always popular so try and look around the grounds and see what details you can include that compliment the property. Sometimes you've got to get right in the flower beds or bushes to get a more interesting angle. Here Ive used the daffodils as some foreground and a bit of the trees on the edge of the image to frame the property in the centre. Sometimes straight on images work but usually a perspective angle is more visually pleasing and softer. It also naturally leads your eye into the image and around it, the views will end up seeing more. Most people will look at the image below, starting from the left, going right, then down to the flowers. Its a triangular effect which, without most of us knowing it, it more engaging to viewers.

Property photographer Simon Bratt Fakenham Norfolk
Property photographer Simon Bratt Fakenham Norfolk

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