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Real Estate & Architectural  Photography

Property and real estate photography by Simon Bratt

Simon Bratt Photography portfolio creating images for all types of buildings and properties, from large estates to small cabins. Different styles of image are more appropriate for different styles of architecture than others. Architecture evokes many different passionate and thoughtful views for lots of different reasons and you can see why. There is such a wide array of 'structures' built over many 100's of years. Styles and fashions change, materials and designs change. We have ugly buildings and beautiful buildings, its not surprising architectural structures are the source of many debates and deep rooted feelings. Buildings make fabulous subjects for photographers, indoors and outdoors.

The variables for creating a set of images to represent a building or a space, change depending on what is more important.  Including the usage, particular features, a lifestyle you are trying to convey or even the structure itself. As a photographer you have many different decisions to tweak, to create the feeling of the building. From angles, lighting and tones to time of day, weather and additional objects included in the frame. If you take into consideration all of these, you should be able to create unique, true, and interesting visual representations that a viewer can connect with. 

Property photography work can include B&B (bed and breakfast), hospitality, hotels, holiday lets, new build construction, historical structures, internal rooms and spaces, offices, derelict buildings and others. The presentation of a space or structure can make or break the impact of an image depending on what its intentions are, so it is well worth taking time to double check how things look and move or fix anything that doesn't look right before photoshoot day.

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  • How many images will we get?
    Every property is different, and the gardens are different, but I would comfortably say a 2 to 4 bedroom holiday home can average 25-50 finished images. As a guide, a very small room might be 1-2 images, a really large room with lots of interesting details might be 5-10 images, gardens vary a lot (front, back, external house images etc) probably 5-10. Always open to specific requirements.
  • How quickly will I receive the images?
    Usually within 2 - 4 working days, unless agreed before hand. I try to be as flexible as possible
  • How do I get the images after the photo shoot?
    You (the contact) will be emailed a link to your secure personal passworded gallery. The images will be low resolution and watermarked until you approve the images. Once approved, invoice is sent, once paid, the full images will be downloable. Other options are possible including CD, USB key, printing on posters & canvas etc, many other options possible
  • How does the payment process work?
    Usually I send you a quote for approval including dates and locations etc. No deposit is necessary After the shoot and after you have seen and approved the watermarked images, you will receive an invoice. Once that is paid, the high resolution images, without watermark, will be available to download from your secure gallery.
  • Do you edit the photos?
    Editing the images is a big part of the project. I have extensive experience in Adobe software suite and the aim is usually to make the images look like they havent been edited, but natural. Please see all my examples on my website. All images are personally edited by me and not sent off to a photo farm overseas.
  • What locations do you work?
    Usually more of my work comes from Norfolk, but I do travel where ever possible. Travelling expenses will be on the quote if the job is outside of Norfolk, based on mileage. If an overnight stay is needed, it would be agreed in advance.
  • Do you have insurance?, DBS check?
    Yes, fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity. Businesses can request proof if needed. Yes I have a DBS 'checked' certificate.
  • What if it's suddenly really bad weather? or I have an emergency and need to reschedule?
    No problem, a reschedule at anytime it totally fine, no additional cost. If I have not been contacted and arrive at your location only to find the job cannot go ahead, then 50% of the quote is still payable. Unfortunately at that point I would have encurred costs in terms of lost time.
  • How big are the photos and what format will they be in?
    Your final digital images will typically be high resolution at 5616pixels by 3744pixels. I also offer a free additional smaller set 1200pixels which is really useful for social media or emailing if necessary. Although I work with the RAW camera images, you will receive the final output with are JPG's in industry standard sRGB colour space.
  • What camera do you use?
    I use Professional full frame Canon cameras and professional L lenses and flashes. I carry duplicate equipment in case of equipment failure. I also have a stupidly long list of all sorts of other photography bits and peices that help get the best out of any situation.
  • We would love some prints for our walls
    I can supply any sort of prints or posters, framed or otherwise. I only use large professional trusted print suppliers that I have experience with. Their equipment is massively more expensive than I could ever justify and will be the best quality. Check out some of my more artist work
  • Do you have any tips for getting my place looking great
    Sure do, once you've booked and confirmed, I can send you my PDF guide with lot of tips for making your place look the best it can.
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