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Real Estate & Architectural  Photography

Property and real estate photography by Simon Bratt

Simon Bratt Photography portfolio creating images for all types of buildings and properties, from large estates to small cabins. Different styles of image are more appropriate for different styles of architecture than others. Architecture evokes many different passionate and thoughtful views for lots of different reasons and you can see why. There is such a wide array of 'structures' built over many 100's of years. Styles and fashions change, materials and designs change. We have ugly buildings and beautiful buildings, its not surprising architectural structures are the source of many debates and deep rooted feelings. Buildings make fabulous subjects for photographers, indoors and outdoors.

The variables for creating a set of images to represent a building or a space, change depending on what is more important.  Including the usage, particular features, a lifestyle you are trying to convey or even the structure itself. As a photographer you have many different decisions to tweak, to create the feeling of the building. From angles, lighting and tones to time of day, weather and additional objects included in the frame. If you take into consideration all of these, you should be able to create unique, true, and interesting visual representations that a viewer can connect with. 

Property photography work can include B&B (bed and breakfast), hospitality, hotels, holiday lets, new build construction, historical structures, internal rooms and spaces, offices, derelict buildings and others. The presentation of a space or structure can make or break the impact of an image depending on what its intentions are, so it is well worth taking time to double check how things look and move or fix anything that doesn't look right before photoshoot day.

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