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Why bother with a real estate photographer?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Real estate or interior or even architectural photography is all about conveying a man made space in its best and (for the most part) realistic light.

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Interior bedroom Photography

Who would benefit from these services? Home owners wanting to sell their home themselves, Holiday Lets, Estate Agents, Magazines, Hotels, B&B's, Office Letting agents, Interior design companies, Office space owners, and so many others. As amazing as modern cameras are, from camera phones to professional grade equipment, they still cannot work on their own to produce an image or photo of a space that represents:-

  • The best feeling of a space

  • The correct light inside or outside

  • The composition of a view

Even with a photographers guiding hand on the day to control the cameras, images still need to be edited afterwards because cameras are still not as good as our eyes in many ways. The goal of real estate photography is to make a scene look realistically enticing, attract viewers, and probably buyers, and without out editing the carefully taken images afterwards you will get images ranging from 'unrealistic representations of that view point', to 'really bad looking images'. People will instinctively know when an image looks poor and will make assumptions unconsciously about what they are looking at, or just will flip past them, onto the next good looking property.

Whilst a photographer can make some tweaks to the location on the day (I have my own list) of the shoot, it is the owners responsibility to dress the location as they want it represented. Even though owners aren't usually professional interior designers, I found most people make a really good effort, and for those that want a bit of help or some tips on how to present your interior, I always send my own (as a non designer) 'Home Preparation Guide'.

A professional photographer should get the basic raw images from the day, right to start with. Because no matter how much technical editing you can do, or need to do, if you start with bad compositions, blown out details, unsharp images, etc, you'll never going to be able to fix those.

Here is one before and after example, one looks dark, who knows whats outside the window, converging verticals and the colour tone isn't right. It looks a bit like a dark hole, gloomy, but thats not really how it looked. Thats how the camera best interprets it. The after shot has been edited and more looks like how the room actually feels and looks, and you can see what the view out the window was like. It looks more like a space somebody would want to be in.

Imagine if this was not taken with professional camera gear. The starting image would look even worse and be less able to be fixed.

So for all the effort you put into creating, displaying and designing your space, do it justice with some beautiful images. It's the first thing people will usually see, and from that they will either decide to contact you or move on.

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